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11: The Ghostmoor Job (w/ Emily Kardamis)

The Knives decide to act on a tip from their new friend The Possum, burgling a mysterious artifact from a mysterious man who runs a mysterious museum called Ghostmoor’s Museum of the Unholy and the Divine.
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6: The Lady Candra Job (w/ Amber Falter)

Joining us for this episode is the incredibly fun and wonderful comedian Amber Falter. The Knives are visited by the demonic presence of Quo’Toolhaz the Quotidian. The Squid and the Shush work with their new friend Meatball to follow a tip from Amansio the Deals Broker on how to kidnap an important Iruvian noblewoman to get an invitation to a black market auction. TONS OF NEW MUSIC

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4: The House of Pain Job (w/ Karen Twelves)

After the job at the Kinclaith wine warehouse went south fast the Knives find themselves at war with The Lost. Join core cast members Kate Jones, Chelsea Millin and Brenden Calvert for another round of Blades with Author and improvisor Karen Twelves as they do their best to survive in a Coalridge that is rapidly filling with hostile forces.

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3: The Kinclaith Job (w/ Karen Twelves)

The lost are plotting to make off with a huge shipment of abandoned stock from a defunct winery, will the Knives be able to snake the treasure? Find out how a score that starts as a plan to talk to a bartender turns into a deadly encounter with dangerous murderers!
Joining us this week is Karen Twelves, author of Improv for Gamers and copy editor for Blades in the Dark!

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