19: The Chalky Bun Bun Job (W/ Dan Gomiller)

Welcome to Season 2 of Knives at Night. The Circle of Flame has been hunting the mummified remains of Caractikkar for secret purposes, pitting the Knives, the Wraiths, the Monarch, and a gang of violent mutants from Lockport against one another in a no holds barred mystical scavenger hunt. Let’s hear what happens!

The Knives and their new friend the Green Meanie (played by Dan Gomiller from the Of Dice & Dens Podcast) are in for a scrape as they attempt to foil a casino heist perpetrated by the Wraiths. The Knives have advanced to tier 3 and are now on equal footing with some of the nastiest wastiest ne’er-do-wells of Doskvol.