29: The Money Puncher Job (w/ Emily Kardamis)

Welcome to season 3 of Knives at Night. The Immortal Emperor of Akoros has announced a new weapon, the Destiny of the Abyss. Can the Knives navigate the churning waters of the underworld in this new era? Will they be able to shrug off the stifling crush of imperial boots? Find out in Season 3!

Possum is back with a tipoff about incoming muscle being recruited by The Circle of Flame. If the Knives have anything to say about it, the train ride into town will be a memorable one for certain. Can the Knives stop Imperial influence from reaching the already crowded underworld of Doskvol? or will a bunch of blimey money punchers do violence for money in the mean streets?

Knives At Night
29: The Money Puncher Job (w/ Emily Kardamis)