BONUS! Season 1 Recap Rap

Back in episode 5 we talked about how there should be a Will Smith style plot recap rap for the show and Kevin can’t not overdo something. Evan Wamous played guitar on this old school Jam that catches you up through episode 15 on all of our most important plot points and some of our more important inside jokes.
NOTE FROM KEVIN: It’s important to note that while this is kind of a joke it’s not a parody. I love rap music and I really tried to do a good job. It’s an homage to some of my favorite old school rap lyricists like Kurtis Blow, Run DMC, and Will Smith. I don’t presume to be as good as them but those are the shoulders on which this stands.
Also reiterate thanks to our season 1 guests
Ryan Branch
Karen Twelves
Emily Kardamis
Adal Rifai
Stuart Wellington
Amber Falter

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BONUS! Season 1 Recap Rap